China Shipping Industry Co., Ltd. Lixin Shipyard

China Shipping Industry Co., Ltd. Lixin Shipyard can repair 18 vessels of Handymax and Panamax types at the same time, which can give more options to the ship owners.

For decades, Lixin shipyard has been repairing and converting large cargo ships, oil tankers, passenger ships, refer carrier, harbor launch as well as variety of multi-purpose vessels for foreign and local shipping companies. Dock repair cycle is ranked one of the best among all the international players. In addition to routine repairing work, the general average repair, hatch cover manufacturing, the repair of propellers, boilers, turbocharger, crankshaft, and stern shaft seal bonding process are also the specialties of Lixin Shipyard.

The shipyard is duly represented by Del Mar Marine Corp. since February 10, 2006.

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Location of the Shipyard

Lixin Shipyard is located in the Shanghai gold waterway, along the Huangpu River, the geographical  position is very advantageous in Shanghai Jinqiao development zone, 121° 33'34"E, 31° 18'23"N at lower reaches of two great bridges "Yangpu" and "Nanpu" only 7.5 nautical miles away from Wusong Anchorage, about one hour sailing will be enough to reach the yard wharf. There is no limitation of height to the vessel especially the large size ones.

Lixin Shipyard owns three branches. They are located in Pudong's Sanlin, Donggou and Gaoqiao districts, equipped with “CS Huangshan” floating dock with 13,000t lifting capacity; ”CS Huashan” floating dock with 9,000t lifting capacity, ” CS Pudong” floating dock with 22,000t lifting capacity.

Floating Docks & Main Equipment

Name Length Inner Width Capacity
Floating dock CS Pudong 222.5 m 38 m 22,000 ton Lift. Cap.
Floating dock CS Huangshan 190 28.8 13,000 ton Lift. Cap.
Floating dock CS Huashan 164 27.4 9,000 ton Lift. Cap.

  • 5 Tugboats (max. 3200 Hp)
  • 6 Shore Cranes
  • 1 Floating Crane 35 ton
  • 16 Cherry Pickers
  • Truck lifters 32 ton
  • 5 M plating machine
  • All necessary shiprepair equipment.

Workshops and Buildings

  • Material Storage
  • Electric workshop
  • Hull outfitting workshop
  • Engine workshop
  • Dockrepair section
  • Transportation workshop
  • Administration building
  • Multipurpose building


  • Shiprepair and conversion of various types of vessels
  • New shipbuilding of tugboats and harbour boats
  • Machinery processing
  • Rental of tugs, floating crane & trucks.
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